Meet Danielle Lunetta, Founder of Little Moon Wellness 

Danielle Lunetta is a Trauma Recovery Coach that specializes in relationship trauma healing and narcissist abuse recovery. Her main focus is on women’s empowerment, trauma healing and self-love embodiment through shadow work and inner child healing practices. 

Danielle's business, Little Moon Wellness is an alternative wellness brand that prioritizes mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Little Moon Wellness offers intuitive guidance through self-discovery. Through teaching and empowerment, Little Moon Wellness is nurturing a community of like-minded, soulful individuals and providing support for their healing journeys. Danielle's goal is to uplift and inspire, facilitating lasting change, acceptance, and compassion.

I am so excited to feature Danielle on the blog because I really love what she does to help women feel empowered and deepen their self-worth. Danielle was the perfect fit to follow the Crystal Goddess Collection drop as she is not only a bad ass in what she does to promote female empowerment but she is extremely knowledgeable in the healing powers of crystals. She has some really great insight on how crystals have impacted her life and how those new to crystals can begin using them for guidance and support.

Interview with Danielle

1. As a Holistic coach that specializes in mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, how have crystals played a part in your practice?

I actually don’t use crystals in my practice! They are more a personal thing for me. I share their benefits with my clients and women’s groups, as I tend toward the more spiritual side of things and naturally attract clients who have similar interests as me.

2. How and when were you first introduced to crystals?

I was introduced to crystals as a kid, maybe age 7 or 8. I had a rock collection. My dad is very into science and has always introduced me to different things. Crystals made a reappearance in my life in college, as I started learning more about their spiritual significance and energetic properties.

3. What is your favorite way to utilize crystals?

I mainly use crystals for grounding. I usually keep one in my hand during client sessions and during my women’s circles. I also use them for manifestation rituals. They have a permanent place on my alter, and there was a period of time where I slept with some in my pillowcase. I’ve also worn them as jewelry over the years. I believe that whatever you believe gets mirrored back to you, so if you believe in the power of crystals and their healing properties you’ll see the proof mirrored back to you. What you focus on expands, and the science behind crystals is that they are amplifiers.

4. For someone that is new to crystals, how would you say they should begin utilizing them in meditation/healing?

The best crystal advice I was ever given was when I walked into a crystal shop after a break up. The lady working in the shop was very intuitive and read me like a book. She told me to walk around the store and allow the crystals to speak to me. To take home whatever I was drawn to and then look up their properties later. I still use this method today and recommend it to anyone. It allows you to tap into your own intuitive abilities. Your body always knows what it needs, so taking the time to listen will help you build trust with yourself.

Using them can be as simple as keeping them on you, whether in your pocket, as jewelry or in your hand.

If you’re meditating with them, you can set an intention that you wish the crystal to amplify. When setting an intention, you can match it to the property of the crystal. An example is you can use a crystal that helps promote confidence and magnetism, like Carnelian. Or use something like rose quartz to anchor yourself into greater self-love and to feel cherished by the connections that surround you.

5. What are your favorite crystals and why?

My go to crystals change based on whatever I have going on in my life, but I tend to have a core set of 5-6 crystals that are always consistent.

Carnelian is the crystal I see the most apparent shift with. Whether it’s the crystal itself or the placebo effect with my confidence, I have yet to not be approached when I have it on me. I’ve noticed way more magnetism and synchronistic connections when I wear it as jewelry or keep it in my pocket. I also keep it on my work desk to help promote creativity.

Amethyst has been a favorite since childhood. I’ve always loved the way it looks, and as I learned more about crystals, I’ve learned about it being a very spiritual stone. I have it in almost every room of my house, and it’s also been infused with the essential oils I use before bed. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and promotes dreams.

Citrine came into my life after break ups. It was something I kept in my car and on my key chain to help transmute any of the heavier emotions I’ve experienced during my healing journey. Now, I keep it on my work desk because it promotes creativity and confidence. And it’s supposed to be a great stone for abundance.

Quartz (rose, smoky, clear) – Quartz is probably my most used crystal over the years. It’s also very easily found in Colorado (where I live), so I always tend to find a piece that speaks to me on a hike that ends up coming home with me.

  • Clear quartz is a very cleansing stone: physically, mentally, and emotionally. I personally feel like it’s a very grounding and centering stone for me, so I have it all throughout my house as well.
  • Rose quartz helps keep you in the vibration of unconditional love. I have a rose tincture that has been distilled with rose quartz that helps bring your body into that vibration. A lot of people use it to manifest romantic love. In feng shui, it’s recommended to put in the south-west corner of your home or bedroom to attract romance and love.
  • Smokey quartz has been with me since I worked in Corporate America. I have a huge chunk of it that I’ve kept under every computer desktop screen I’ve worked in front of. Traditionally, it helps with depression and emotional wellbeing, but I’ve used it to help block geopathic stress. If you keep smokey quartz close to technological devices, it helps protect from radiation.

Auralite 23 is the stone I tend to hold during client and group sessions. It boosts intuition and helps raise your vibration. I find that it calms any insecurities and nerves I have around “not knowing the answer” with my clients. It brings me peace and clarity within my intuition and helps me feel secure in saying “I don’t know” when I really don’t have an answer. It’s also kept me calm and centered during heavy emotional sharing in a session or in the rare occurrences where conflict has presented itself between someone joining group. We once had someone join a group session screaming and yelling obscenities, and I was able to handle the situation calmly and bring the group back to center after, and I personally think Auralite helped with that.

Tiger Eye has been my favorite since childhood. As a kid, I loved the swirls of gold throughout the stone. It’s one of the stones I slept with in my pillow for a few months. It’s used as a protection stone and helps clear emotions. I was going through a period of mild depression and was drawn to keep the stone close. It helps promote resilience and move through fear and anxiety.

The cool thing about all of these stones is they have so many properties. They help with different things on different spectrums, and this is why I love the concept of using your intuition to see what you are most drawn to. Tiger eye is also used for confidence and strength, but I tend to lean on Citrine and Carnelian for that instead. We all vibrate at an energetic frequency and so do the stones. So, we’re all drawn to different things at different times for different reasons.

6. For the people that don’t believe in the power of crystals, what would be your feedback to them?

Full transparency, if you don’t believe in crystals, I don’t think I can sway you. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a firm believer in you have to believe in something to see it work in your life. It’s confirmation bias. If you don’t believe in crystals, astrology, manifestation, etc. your brain will look to your surroundings to confirm back to you what you believe. Much like certain rituals and manifestation practices, if you don’t believe in their power, you probably won’t recognize them working. Crystals have been used for thousands of years as a healing modality. There is some science proving them to be energy amplifiers, but I think it’s one of those “you have to believe it to see it” type things. I would also venture to say, if you’re a skeptic, some of it is mindset shifts that you create within you, a little bit of placebo effect even.

I personally believe that everything has an energetic frequency. Things from nature have a healing frequency naturally because they are living. Eating plants and using essential oils help shift your body’s energetic frequency, much like listening to music at different frequencies. I believe the same with crystals. When you break it down, we’re all just atoms vibrating to create an energetic imprint.

7. What is your favorite way to display your crystals?

My crystals have different places in my home. I have a grouping next to my bed, and a bunch on my work desk. But the majority sit on my alter, which is really just my designated area for meditation. My alter has been feng shui-ed inspired by Marie Diamond (I highly recommend her work to anyone interested in feng shui). I let my intuition guide me to pick up whichever crystals resonate in the moment and use them for meditation.

8. What superpower do you feel crystals give you (this is a fun question, there is no right or wrong answer)?

Overall, I think crystals keep me grounded. They keep me connected to the natural world even living in a big city surrounded by noise and technology. I try to keep as much of the Earth element as I can in my home to create a sense of peace and oneness with Mama Nature.

Thank you so much, Danielle for sharing your knowledge with us. Like Danielle, I was drawn to rocks at a young age and I remember collecting them in elementary school. Later on in life, if I would come across crystals while shopping, I would buy one that I was drawn to and keep it in in my wallet. Now, I have a collection of crystals on my desk and still keep a few in my wallet. I love the suggestions of having them in every room of your house, looks like I need to expand my collection. :)

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